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Before moving on to term “Social Media Marketing” firstly get clear with the term social media. The word ‘social’ means that two parties are interacting with each other and word ‘media’ means the medium or platform which is used by the parties for interaction. Now, moving forward to social media marketing.

What Social Media Marketing Is?social-media-marketing

The term social and media are defined above now term marketing. ‘Marketing’ is the process of advertising goods and services that head to product sales prospects.’Social Media Marketing’ is the approach of promoting individuals, products, services or brand, by using popular Social Media programs such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other. It is the way of raising some visitors to a particular site or getting the attention of people online through social media sites. Now question arise

What Social Media Sites Are?

Social media sites are those who depend on people connection to perform, such as Twitter, YouTube Facebook, etc. These all sites need social actions such as if you want to share anything using image or video, you can also share updates or join events.

What Is The Importance Of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing play an important role in supporting or boosting the search engine optimization (SEO) tries once social media users observe a page of a site, or a link, it will then go ‘famous’ directing numerous inbound links back again to the site which in turn is viewed as an indication of popularity and enhance in ranking of the website.

Take A Brief Look At Popular Social Media Platform As Mentioned Above That Are Twitter, Facebook, Youtube And Linkedin…


It is very well-known Social Media platform. Every social media platform has two sides. The first one, just for a naturally social viewpoint, it permit individuals to sign up and discover, link and connect with persons they opt for, they can be powerful friends, schoolmates or college batch mates, work colleagues, family members and others too.

The another side of Facebook is business side. Facebook permits the formation of a ‘Facebook Page’ for your product or business; they provide a platform to promote their products and their services.


It is also known as a ‘Micro-Blog.’ ‘Micro’ means small and ‘Blog’ a news-feed having information regarding a company, person, topic, etc. Twitter permits a person to post information regarding whatever you want. Another purpose of it is to provide a broadcast platform for individuals,  business, famous people or any people who desire to express their views regarding any topic or subject they like.


It also serves two functions. First one, it provides a platform for job hunters to connect with other people.

Secondly, it is a business platform that enables business persons to connect with other business individuals and create a ‘network.’ LinkedIn can also be used to be presented to somebody by a current existing network. It is a practical resource if your business is B2B.


It is a video sharing site and due to its recognition and the broad source of information on any subject you like,  It has turn into the second most significant search engine (after Google). This shows that individuals use YouTube to search video content and another topic they are looking for.

It allows any person to upload any video of their choice to their YouTube account for private or public watching.

In brief, ‘social media marketing’ is the very useful platform for promoting your product. And raising site rank of your website and traffic too. Your decision of choosing a Social Media platform to introduce yourself, your company or your goods and services to online market, must be determined by the kind of client you want to connect and the type of interaction you want to have with the customer.

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