Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is a process that affects the visibility of a website in the search engine’s organic results. If any website or web page exists on higher rank (at the top) in search engine results, it means that website brings more visitors than the other websites which appear next or at lower rank.

Search engines use a certain algorithm to position websites naturally with no advertisement fee or error involved.


Why SEO Services are Important?

Improve Visibility

Improve visibility of your company and the services or products that your company provides. SEO operates on regional, national and international scale — dominate your nearby marketplace or reach buyers around the country or globally. We can assist you grow and reach new clients with your website.

Website Traffic

Get unlimited free website traffic through search engine optimization. Once your website positions first page for the key phrases relevant to your website, you get free click-throughs from Google and the other search engines for a long period of time.

Boost Clients’ Trust

Boost clients’ trust. Organic search results are not paid ads and many clients look at these results as a more appropriate reflection of what they may possibly want when browsing for a particular keyword.

Improve Sales Opportunities

Improve your leads and sales opportunities. More website traffic lead to more prospective clients.  With SEO, you can improve your quality visitors, which may converts into more revenue and earnings for your business.

Our SEO process consists of the following actions:

Keyword research is an essential first step for effective search engine marketing.
Keyword research is the process of determining what keywords are used in search engines by potential customers. We identify the largest achievable set of keyword phrases used by prospective clients, which keywords and phrases are most preferred and thus represent the primary targets for SEO and determine keyword phrases whose search engine ranking is genuinely obtainable by Search Engine Optimization.

When you recognize your position in the market, you can transform your SEO strategy and come up much better than your competitors.

In this step we find 2-3 main competitors for specific primary keywords and check their content, what’s the competition, what’s their page rank, Can we beat them easily, where we stand for that particular keyword etc.

Check up of website common SEO issues and recommend solution for all the major problems from SEO point of view.

Google Analytics can keep track of website visitors from all referrers, which include search engines and social network sites, direct sessions & referring web sites.

This activity covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself. It includes Meta Description tag,  Image ALT tags, Heading tags, URL structure, Internal linking strategy, Keyword density, Site maps, Usability and accessibility, Social Media, Speed tests, Server and Security Test , Mobile Usability Test .

Off page optimization will help in promoting website over internet and for getting back links in order to bring website on top positions on Google search results.

Why Choose WebGeenius?

  • With more than 100 successful projects using SEO, we deliver an in depth understanding of how search engines work.
  • We can work perfectly to optimize websites on various frameworks (WordPress, Magento and other Content Management Systems.
  • We provide best solutions. Check our customer reviews and our proven results.
  • Our SEO strategies are designed according to very recent Search Engine guidelines and we apply new ideas and strategies for gaining top ranking within the search engines.
  • We always provide updated reports via email to our clients on their website performance (rankings, traffic, conversions).
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